Having your home accurately appraised involves a great deal more than just preparing a snapshot of your surrounding suburb sales history.

Without any obligation, Team Roberto & Co. will visit your home, take the time to  sit down with you to discuss in detail first hand, each of the highlights and key features of your property.  We will ask you to take us through a little of its history whilst under your ownership and an overview of any renovations, rectifications or extensions you may have conducted throughout that period.

We will then request to have you guide us on a walk through to showcase the entire property.  This is very important in identifying where your home may sit within its market and whether any suggestions can be made in preparing it for a Sale Campaign.  Physically walking through the property can dramatically affect what our estimated value may be.  It will also allow us to consider the various target markets and marketing strategy we would take, should we be chosen as the preferred Team to achieve the highest possible price, the marketing is willing to pay for your property.

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