Making the most of summer selling


Although spring is traditionally thought of as the ‘busy season’, it can also be a time of ‘all talk no action’ for buyers.

Many buyers only get around to thinking and talking about making a move in the market through spring, whereas it will actually be summer before they begin seriously looking and ultimately buying.  A busy spring may have left some real estate shelves a bit bare, just at a time when buyers are keen on finding the right home.

What a great opportunity then to showcase your home.  Why not use your festive break to plan and prepare your home for an awesome campaign in the New Year.  

For example, there are buyers out there who are very keen to buy over the January period and settle into a new home once the children are back to school.  Whilst they are on leave, they have time to research and attend open homes, arrange finance, book the removalist and pack. Likewise, sellers have the time to plan and execute a great sales campaign.  

If you are considering to sell in the New Year, then create your Sales Plan to prepare and sell your home.  Selling your home is a major project and really does require some strategy and planning in order to achieve the best possible outcome.  

Throughout January, Team Roberto are offering a Planning Session with our team who will guide and assist you in creating your Sales Plan to ensure a seamless experience that you are in control of from start to finish.

At the close of your session, you will have identified any tasks that may need addressing to assist in presenting your home in its best light, identify target markets are your home will appeal to, what price range your home should fall into, a sales strategy built towards generating as much exposure and interest as possible and finally, an understanding of the process and what to expect at each milestone during your sales campaign.

The Planning Session takes just one hour and will make all the difference.  Here is a link where you can find more detailed information Plan For Success.

Contact us on 1300 088 941 or with any questions or to book your  Planning Session.

In 2019, make it your best sale ever!

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